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The Beginnings Of Biden’s “Dark Winter” As Cargo Ships Pile Up Off California Coast (VIDEO)

by | Oct 13, 2021


Readers have no doubt heard the term “supply chain” from time to time over the last year or so. This is an issue whereby demand outpaces supply due to material and/or labor shortages resulting in production shortages resulting in a whole lot of trouble for America if the situation should worsen. We’re talking little to no food on store shelves, a lack of energy to heat your home, gas to drive your vehicle, parts to fix the machines that keep the country running.

In short, yes, a very Dark Winter indeed.

The following report of multiple cargo ships sitting off the California coast is a clear sign something is terribly amiss. These goods, these supplies, are not being offloaded in a timely manner and the result should this continue will be severe shortages of almost everything within the coming weeks.

Check it out…


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