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Question: If They Lied About Gain Of Function Research How Can You Trust Them About The Vaccines???

by | Oct 27, 2021

Fauci lied and little dogs died.

That was the horrific confirmation this week surrounding Doctor Anthony Fauci’s earlier and oft-repeated assertion that he did not help to fund dangerous gain of function research which led to the Covid-19 virus that subsequently has shut much of the world down for the past two years. People have lost jobs, businesses, their futures, because of the virus that Fauci appears to have helped to create along with communist China. (continued below)

Fauci and his media cohorts lied about gain of function research. 

How then can we trust them when it comes to the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccines which are now being mandated all across the country? 


WTH??!! Report Claims Anthony Fauci Funded Horrific Dog Mutilation Studies With YOUR Taxpayer Dollars

Dr. Anthony Fauci Funded Experiments On New York AIDS Orphans In 2004

Nuclear Cardiologist Tells Liability Lawyers To Get Ready – Covid Vaccines Are “Defective Garbage” (VIDEO)

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