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Pandemic of the vaccinated: 91% of all covid deaths have been among the fully vaccinated since August.

by | Nov 21, 2021

There have been so many layers of lies during this now two-year Covid tyranny it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep track of it all but now one thing is absolutely clear:

Covid is a pandemic of the vaccinated as is clearly proven by recent comprehensive data from Scotland. (story continues below) 

It appears the vaccines themselves are super-spreaders of the virus, increasing overall viral load as well as compromising the immune systems of those who receive the vaccines.

The vaccines don’t prevent you from getting Covid. They don’t prevent you from spreading Covid. And they certainly don’t prevent you from getting sick and dying of Covid or any other number of viral and/or bacterial infections that will subsequently attack all of the immuno-compromised vaccine recipients:

Clearly these Covid “vaccines” are not acting like vaccines at all and yet governments across the globe are becoming increasingly authoritarian in their demands that the population receive their jabs.

The question that must be asked then is if these are not actually vaccines then what the hell are they?



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