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Marine Veteran Hero Who Stopped Armed Robbery Shows Up To Award Ceremony In “Lets Go Brandon” Shirt!

by | Oct 28, 2021


James Wilcox is a man of action and, it appears, of direct messaging as well. The marine veteran whose video showing him handling business (with one arm no less) as armed robbers walk into a convenience store he frequented went viral has subsequently made clear he is not a fan of Joe Biden or the far-left and thinks America needs to get back to doing the things that once made it so great.

Check it out…


And just last week while being interviewed on Fox News Wilcox ended the discussion by clearly declaring “Epstein didn’t kill himself” a reference to longtime pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who died while in custody while awaiting trial and who had affiliations with the rich and powerful such as the Clintons that dated back decades.

And for those few who might not yet have seen Mr. Wilcox in action, here it is…

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