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MADNESS: Biden Administration Prepares Forced Covid Vaccinations For Children – Claim Vaccine “Appears Safe”

by | Oct 22, 2021


It has come to this.

The federal government is preparing to initiate forced vaccinations on all children in America ages 5-11 for a virus that statistically poses an almost 0% risk to them.

The question that continues to remain unanswered is WHY?

And note too how the press release below is touting a 91% effective rate in preventing “symptomatic infections”. That’s the same claims that were used months earlier for adults being told to take the jab yet by the end of last summer that effective rate had fallen to below 30%. The vaccine does little to prevent infection, prevent illness, and now it seems, to even prevent Covid-related death.

For children, the statistics would appear to make the vaccine itself far more dangerous to them than the actual virus. (More children die from drowning than from Covid)

This is madness.



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