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Madagascar: Island Nation of 28 Million That Has Almost No Covid Deaths Because They Use Ivermectin

by | Nov 26, 2021

If you live in the United States or nearly any other First World nation you are being systematically killed and/or weakened by your own government via the Covid virus and affiliated Covid vaccine mandates. 

How so you say? Check out Madagascar, an island nation of 28 million people with no Covid vaccines and, you  guessed it, no Covid.  It’s called the “Madagascar Protocol” – something that’s been known within the scientific communities and government agencies across the globe that basically comes down to the use of a cheap and readily available drug with powerful anti-viral properties – Ivermectin.  Dr. Jose Luis Abreu suggests that if Ivermectin had been used around the world as it has been used in Madagascar for the treatment of Covid-19, deaths would have been reduced by nearly 90%. (story continues below)

Dr. Abreu’s study makes clear certain African nations that widely utilize Ivermectin and/or other common anti-viral medications that have been around for decades appear to show remarkable efficacy in preventing the Covid virus from spreading as well as greatly reducing the risk to those already infected.

The study then suggests that the overall Covid mortality rate could have been reduced by nearly 90% if the world had followed what he terms the “Madagascar Protocol” which is nothing more than common use of those same cheap, safe, and readily-available anti-viral drugs such as Ivermectin.

There is simply no way government officials in the U.S. and elsewhere are not aware of this which demands we all ask a very basic question – why the emphasis on enforcing mandates for an experimental vaccine that doesn’t appear to work, or even worse, puts people at even greater risk of sickness or death than the Covid virus itself?

Or to put it another way – what the hell is really going on?


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