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Fauci Fried? Evidence Points To Outright Lies Regarding Leading Role In Deadly Gain Of Function Research

by | Oct 21, 2021


Making viruses more deadly to humans. That’s the bizarre world of Gain of Function research. Dr. Anthony Fauci has more recently claimed he wasn’t involved in any Gain of Function programs.

It appears the doctor lied.

Read on to learn more…


Via Gateway Pundit:

Fauci Lied Under Oath

Dr. Fauci, the Director of NIAID, was under oath when speaking with Senator Rand Paul.  He denied that the NIH funded the gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

Today the NIH provided a document to the US House of Representatives that claims that the NIH did fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan.


It appears Dr. Fauci was part of an ongoing (and illegal) program/collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party to continue Gain of Function research funded in part by U.S. taxpayer dollars. The implication is that same research led to the development of the Covid-19 virus which then somehow “escaped” the lab environment and from there quickly spread across the globe, resulting in lockdowns, the crippling of economies, deaths, sickness, and the now ongoing battle over vaccine mandates that have further divided nations like America.

If the above is true Fauci more closely resembles a mad Bond villain than he does a public servant. At the very least he owes the American people a truthful and detailed explanation of why he seemingly lied. Some are going so far as to suggest he needs to be in jail. Sadly, they might be right.



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