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Coming To America: Government Health Pass To Track Your Movements And Punish You For Disobeying

by | Oct 17, 2021


It’s happening now in Italy and it appears likely the same will be attempted here in America – a government issued “Health Pass” that will track your every movement 24/7 and should you stray from any and all current and future government rules, all the more easily/quickly will you be punished for it.

This is much like what communist China has done to its citizens for years – the same communist China that unleashed Covid-19 on the world.

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Italy heads into uneasy waters, forcing workers to show health pass

Italy began enforcing one of the world’s strictest vaccination mandates on Friday by requiring all workers to present a coronavirus health pass or face being suspended without pay, a decree that leaves more than 2 million workers at risk of falling foul of the law.

The new mandate requires all public and private workers, even the self-employed, to have a so-called green pass to be able to work. The green pass is valid when a person is vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, recently tested negative or recovered from an infection. Workers and businesses violating the law face stiff fines.

Italy’s nationwide “Health Pass” system which allows the government to track your movements is said to possibly be coming to the United States soon.


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