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California Is Literally Living In The Dark Ages…

by | Oct 17, 2021


No power. No leadership. No hope.

America’s once-Golden State is now in a state of impending dark panic following years of mismanagement, far-left lunacy, and a seeming desire to self-destruct.

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California Scrambles to Find Electricity to Offset Plant Closures

California is racing to secure large amounts of power in the next few years to make up for the impending closure of fossil-fuel power plants and a nuclear facility that provides nearly 10% of the electricity generated in the state.

California has already been strained to keep the lights on this year. Wildfires have disrupted power transmission and a severe drought has crimped hydroelectric production throughout the West. Those involved in developing the new energy sources say they anticipate significant challenges in moving fast enough to ensure adequate supplies.


To put it more bluntly, what California is doing is an act of epic stupidity. There is simply no way green energy can provide adequate power for a state of nearly 40 MILLION residents. The result, if this insanity isn’t scrapped soon, will be widespread and long-standing power outages the likes of which no major U.S. city has seen since America’s Electric Age began more than 100 years ago.

It will be a new and horrific Dark Age that will impact nearly every aspect of daily life, from basic necessities, to transportation, medical care, etc.

And make no mistake, the same far-left lunacy that is attempting to force this down the throats of Californians today is means to do the same to all of America as well.


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