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BREAKING: Nearly 80% of Current Covid Deaths Are From Fully Vaccinated

by | Oct 28, 2021


So goes the news from Illinois, a bellwether state with an overall vaccination rate that mirrors the country at large. (app 54% are now fully vaccinated in Illinois yet nearly 80% make up the overall covid death numbers for the last month meaning the vaccinated are seemingly at GREATER risk of not only getting covid but dying from it vs the non-vaccinated!)

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The data couldn’t be more clear.

The Covid vaccines do not prevent one from getting the virus, spreading the virus, or fully protect people from getting sick and dying from the virus.

Some physicians and scientists have suggested the vaccines actually help to spread the virus and/or create further variants (Delta) which the vaccinated are MORE at risk for than the unvaccinated!

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Via NoQReport:

Illinois Reports 77.7% of Its Covid Deaths Last Week Were ‘Vaccinated’

The “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” narrative continues to crumble under the weight of facts. All of the data coming in indicates that those “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 are just as likely to contract, get hospitalized, and die from the disease as the unvaccinated. Yet the push for anti-science mandates continues unabated with few lawmakers, nobody in mainstream media, and only a handful of brave medical professionals speaking out against them. (as of right now Illinois has a fully vaccinated rate of about 54%)

The latest hit to the narrative comes out of Illinois where the numbers seem to indicate the Covid jabs aren’t just ineffective, but those who have been injected may be MORE susceptible to the disease, particularly the rising variants. As Steve Deace from The Blaze noted on Twitter:

And add this to the covid vaccine fire: children are many times more likely to die from drowning than from covid and yet instead of mandating lifejackets for the young, the Biden administration and its far-left governor cohorts across the nation are preparing to mandate covid vaccines to children who statistically are at far greater risk from those vaccines than they are from the virus.


Nuclear Cardiologist Tells Liability Lawyers To Get Ready – Covid Vaccines Are “Defective Garbage” (VIDEO)

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