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BREAKING: Medical Presentation Proves Covid Vaccines Attack Human Blood – Leads To Severe Clotting Risk

by | Oct 26, 2021


Doctor Richard Fleming is a highly regarded nuclear cardiologist famous for his groundbreaking “Fleming Method” which helped to isolate cellular inflammation as a major contributing factor to heart disease.

Doctor Fleming is not a conspiracy theorist but rather a true practitioner of science and data who has discounted many of the wild claims against the Covid vaccines  while also detailing some of the more troubling (and seemingly indisputable) areas of concerns involving these same vaccines.

Here he gives a detailed yet easily understood outline of how the Covid vaccines appears to attack human blood, leading to a greatly increased risk of clotting which will initiate a myriad of down-the-line health issues for the vaccinated that will be of far greater risk to them than the Covid-19 virus ever was. He also shows all of the “garbage” in these vaccines – garbage the doctor states “has never before been acceptable to inject into human beings” and that the FDA has done a grave disservice to all those who have received these Covid vaccines to the point of being legally liable for the harm caused.

Check it out…


(NOTE: specific discussion of the clotting issue created by the Covid vaccines begins at around the 7:45 mark)

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