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BREAKING: Florida Now Has Lowest # of Covid Cases After Ditching Masks and Saying NO To Vaccine Mandates

by | Oct 25, 2021


Not so long ago the Mainstream Media was all but calling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a murderer for his strong stance against mandatory face coverings and vaccines in his state. The results has been undeniable – few covid cases, fewer hospitalizations, and a state economy that is now the envy of the nation.

Kinda makes one wonder if there had been no Covid lockdowns at all, no masks, and certainly no mandatory vaccines, how much better off America would be right now instead of sliding into what some have already called an impending “Dark Winter”.

Read on to learn more…


Via Trending Politics:

TAKE THAT, BIDEN! Florida Now Has The Lowest Covid Infection Rate In The Country

(Note second column number which is new cases per capita)


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