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BREAKING: #1 Vaxed Nation On Earth Suffering Explosion Of Covid Cases

by | Nov 16, 2021

The Covid vaccines don’t work and are in fact causing more overall Covid cases not less. 

So goes the seemingly indisputable news out of the nation of Gibralter which has the highest per person vaccination rate in the entire world. If the vaccines were truly effective, the island nation which has administered nearly three jabs per resident (including booster shots) would have effectively wiped out Covid by now. Sadly, the opposite is true. It seems the more jabs = the more covid cases. (story continues below) 


Nations across the globe should be halting these insane covid vaccine mandates NOW as they are endangering lives, not saving them.

Stop believing the lies being peddled by Big Pharma, Corporate Media, and clueless yet power-hungry politicians.

The covid vaccines don’t work.

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