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“ARREST FAUCI” Goes Viral As People Learn Of Brutal Dog Experiments

by | Oct 25, 2021


America is a strange place sometimes. For two years Doctor Anthony Fauci has been flip-flopping on so many Covid-related subjects it was increasingly difficult for him to convince anyone he knew much of anything.

In recent months, though, Fauci’s totalitarian tendencies have become much more clear as he aggressively pushed vaccine mandates even for children who face little risk from the Covid virus. And yet, Americans were still divided on whether or not they could trust him.

That has all changed over the weekend when stories broke about how Fauci helped fund brutal experiments on dogs. Apparently that is the line the American public feels cannot be crossed as “Arrest Fauci” has since gone viral.

“If you’re angry about how Fauci uses puppies, just wait until you hear how he uses COVID vaccines on healthy kids.”



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